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A revamp for the SIXTEEN LEGS Exhibition, thanks to Visions of Australia and supporting sponsors, with the Exhibition touring publicly with special Q&A screenings of the film for the first time! Current tour details as shown, or contact info@bookendtrust.com for more info.

The Bookend Trust is the educational arm of the Pennicott Foundation, and undertakes charitable programs to inspire students and communities with the natural world.

In previous years, Bookend has taken students on interactive and actual experiences from the World Heritage Wilderness of south-west Tasmania to Lord Howe Island, Antarctica, Papua New Guinea and Thailand. These adventures have covered volcanos, wilderness survival, coastal management, threatened species and more.

Our projects have provided opportunities for impoverished students to access education to escape the trap of people trafficking in Thailand, have helped students install alternative power supplies for medical equipment in remote Fiji (providing both medical benefits and a means of transitioning Fijian communities away from fossil fuels to renewable energy systems), have involved disadvantaged students undertaking endangered animal surveys across Australia, and have even flown students to Antarctica in exciting, inspiring career-development programs. You can see the diverse range of projects that Bookend undertakes at bookendtrust.com.

Bookend is funded through the donation of time, energy and resources by private individuals concerned about building a positive and co-operative environmental future for our students and community. We started this work voluntarily as we feel privileged in our careers, and we wish to pass this inspiration and opportunity to the next generation. This dedication is supported and guided through our Patrons, including best-selling international author Neil Gaiman, national economic commentator Saul Eslake, wilderness photography expert Liz Dombrovskis, and international award-winning documentary maker Cathy Henkel. Our Founding patron was best-selling international author Bryce Courtenay.

Bookend began with a small group of people putting their own money into this work because we believe it's important. As the reach of our work grows, and more and more students benefit from what we do, we're seeking support. Your help will support the work of the Bookend Trust, including our school outreach projects, student scholarships and research, and projects such as SIXTEEN LEGS which help raise awareness of the untold biodiversity stories hidden away on our planet.

Why is this important? As the world faces ever increasing environmental problems, we need to inspire the upcoming generations to find the enthusiasm, dedication and innovation to deal with them. Sitting back and giving up is not an option!